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The Numbers of Our Steps – Wall Chart, Version 5 – Laminated

The Numbers of our Steps Wall Chart encourages us to think critically about each area of our walk on this earth and our understanding of the two spiritual realms. This large classroom-size Bible Chart references many well-known passages from the Bible and illustrates how these verses fit together for a comprehensive view of our condition in the earthly realm and how we interact with the Spiritual realms. The chart is perfect for Bible studies. for Sunday school lessons, for offices, foyers, study areas, prayer closets, and anywhere in the home.

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This chart is available laminated to improve durability. Subject areas of the chart include:

  • God
  • The Trinity
  • Christ
  • How God Intervenes and Influences
  • The Natural Man
  • The Christian
  • Salvation
  • Baptism
  • Communion
  • The Journey in the Earthly Realm for the Natural Man
  • The Journey in the Earthly realm for the Christian
  • Christian’s Reaction during the Journey and Where to Focus
  • Worldly Understanding
  • Christian Understanding
  • The Four Types of Love
  • Spiritual tools and tactics
  • Christian Growth or Atrophy
  • Backsliding, Conviction, and Checking for True Conversion
  • Sin and Stumbling Blocks
  • Spiritual Consequences of Sin
  • The Wages of Sin
  • The Path to Destruction
  • Workers of Iniquity
  • Satan

Teaching Tip for Using Your “The Numbers of Our Steps” poster: As part of your lesson, have students focus on the part of the chart being discussed and note how it relates to other areas. In striking full color, this large Bible wall chart is great for for Bible study, Sunday school, Summer Bible School, personal study prayer closet, or other use. Size: 21″ tall x 26″ wide. Printed on heavy chart paper.