Bilingual Conflict Solutions

Bilingual Conflict Solutions (BCS) is an alternative dispute resolution organization that builds bridges for practical results. We provide a variety of services in order to facilitate conflict resolution, including, root cause analysis, neutral problem solving, and training. All of our services are provided in two languages: English and Spanish. We are available throughout the U.S., including Puerto Rico.

BCS services include:

  1. Diagnosing the problem
  2. Analyzing the root of the problem
  3. Assessing the needs for a solution
  4. Applying diverse techniques conducive to agreements
  5. Training

Professional Qualifications

mariluI’m Marilú Ickes, and I look forward to working with you. I am the owner here at Bilingual Conflict Solutions (BCS). I enjoy my role of helping others by seeing disagreements turn into practical, profitable solutions. My goal is to help you and your business succeed by coaching, mediating, ombudsing, and training your team on how to resolve conflicts. Rather than view conflicts as a negative, I view them as opportunities that lead people and organizations to grow.

I draw upon a diverse professional background that has provided me with the experience and skills required to help you and your business succeed. In Puerto Rico, I worked as an arbitrator and mediator in the union environment for 12 years. In the U.S. Secret Service, I was an ombudsman, Spanish interpreter, training programs analyst, and I taught leadership, ethics, communication, teamwork, and problem solving seminars for 5 years.

I have also worked extensively as an interpreter in various fields, as my first language is Spanish.




  • Ph.D. Training and Performance Improvement, Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
  • MPA in Administrative Programming, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
  • BS in Labor Relations, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
  • Associate in Management, University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo, PR


  • Program manager with the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation of Puerto Rico
  • Chaplain, community service, with The International Association Community Service Chaplains
  • Interpreter for Mt. Carmel Church of God, Crofton, Maryland
  • Interpreter for Ickes Insurance


Culture Bump Logo for Certified Trainer jpeg

  • Culture Bump Coach/Trainer, Auburn University



  • The International Association of Community Service Chaplain




  • The International Association of Community Service Chaplains
  • International Ombudsman Association